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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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new high for a and judge to i met key lanza, off six skull disappeared yesterday afternoon high of, home in june. off >> la force ms. are working class played tonight looking for the young girl who is on able to speak. she lacks water and she cannot swim. >> rescue crews have been
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searching vigorously all day long for the missing young girl. >> this is one of the areas that the police have been searching. everyone out here is searching for this little girl. >> using helicopters, the data team along with people on the ground are looking for the little girl who was last seen on sunday at her home on mother's day. >> because she is autistic and unable to speak it is making the search batch much more difficult. >> this is the street were mchale lives. that is a house. there is water on this side of the street and there is water on the other side of the street. >> the police say they are concentrating their efforts on the creekside.
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>> we have come up with absolutely no clues, of her whereabouts as of yet. you livpolice do plan on going full force to mars starting at 7:00 a.m. looking for the square. >> mchale does not have any colt clothing with her as she does not have premeditation. >> the search is centered in clearly appeared about 30 mi. north. for a closer look at the the family home you concede there are water weighs on both side of harbor lane. >> mchale is parents say
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their daughter likes being in the water but she cannot swim. some of her clothes were found near the what appeared >> tonight a 12 year old boy is behind bars. he is accused of killing his system. leila fowler's mother is speaking out about the horrific murder. before the arrest, she talked about the relationship between the young victim and her big brother. >> friends of the 12 year old brother accused of killing his sister said he has been in his fair share of trouble. he brought a knife to school in the sixth grade. >> fowler was foul to get death more than two weeks ago. her brother told authorities sought an intruder running from the scene. >> the brother showed up in
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school and told his friends that he would be moving soon. >> we all gave him hopes. he felt he wants to grow up and cried. >> the day after he said his the by the 12 year old was arrested. nick >> he was always suspended. he was suspended a week before >> the sheriff's office announced that the foul of them there will have a press conference on tuesday however that crisscrosses conference has been cancelled. >> laden fowler's mother is speaking out about the arrest. she talks about the relationship between the young victim and her brother. >> >>".contact him anymore"
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the suspect's father says he believes his son is innocent until he is shown evidence that proves otherwise. here is a timeline of events in the murder. leila fowler was murdered on saturday, april 27. her brother says, he saw a long =haired man running from the house before he found her body. a man and a woman confirmed seeing the suspect, but an intense search turned up no sign of the intruder. three days later, a man matching the description, is picked up in a separate matter. after he allegedly tried to kidnap a baby from her mother 50 -miles away in placerville. investigators determine. he is not involved in fowler's death. on may third, the female witness recants her account of seeing a stranger near the fowler home, and the person seen by the male witness, is cleared of involvement. leila's brother is now the only person claiming to have seen the long= haired
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intruder. then, last saturday, the brother is arrested shortly after 5 p.m. as part of the investigation, deputies seized several knives from the home leila shared with her father, step- mother and siblings. to determine whether one was the weapon used to inflict the fatal right now -- berkeley police are searching for a gunman who shot a man to death in the east bay hills. it happened on grizzly peak boulevard over the weekend. police say the victim -- identified as alberto silva tried to break up a fight between two groups. after the altercation-- one group left the area but later returned and shot silva several times. the suspect is described as a hispanic or filipino male. in his mid 20's to 30's. with a shaved head. he was seen in two cars -- a red chevy caprice with large chrome wheels and white chevy suburban. police say the suspect was seen with an asian female. governor jerry brown will
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>> sheriff's deputies are looking for a man that captured a seven year old girl in broad daylight. this happened on saturday afternoon. the victim was walking with her mother in sacramento when the suspect drove beside her and put the girl in his truck and sped away. the mother screamed. ask neighbors to call now 11. >> release an update tomorrow. on the budget for the next fiscal year. he is reaping the benefits of an economic turn-around and higher taxes. the state collected 4-poing- five billion dollars *more than expected from personal income taxes. democratic lawmakers want to restore adult dental care, child care and health services for the poor. while expanding mental health care. largest share of the extra money. >> it was last week when
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those overseeing the construction of the new east to span of the bay bridge at the federal highway administration to review its plans to retrofit cracked boats on the span. >> the federal highway administration has agreed to see what is the best thing to do for the bridge. >> the federal highway ministration will also review the committee's findings and recommendations about how many of the boats should be replaced. and revenue that should happen before the news van opens. ultimately though the decision about when to open the bridge is not up to the feds. >> the governor's office will eventually make the
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decision about opening the structure. we will advise the administration will we believe the span is ready. that will also be a judgment of the elective officials. >> the ultimate decision will be left to the engineers and not the politicians. dan kron kron 4 news >> >> warm conditions in
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antioch 93 degrees. 93 in concord. our bay shores and in this hook will was in the '70s. the fog was actually quite persistent. the fog has cleared right now. as we look at the golden gate bridge. >> right now temperatures are still pretty mile away from the " clothesline 81 in antioch pirie '50s. the fall will return tonight near the coast line. >> clear skies for most of the day to marty and temperatures will be cooler. a chance of showers on thursday. >> this time next week the san francisco's super bowl will be in boston this time next week. the
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san francisco super bowl committee will be in boston ready to make its pitch. and their presentation is going to be high-tech. the committie is going to use ipad minis. each n-f-l owner will get one. the committiee hopes the snazzy presentation will showcase san francisco's sophistacation. why the bay area is the perfect place to host a super bowl. the city's super bowl committee. says it has rasied 30-million dollars to host the big game. pledges came in from big name bay area companies including apple, google, gap and yahoo. the committee also said, 25-percent of that money will be donated to help those in poverty living in the bay area. >> a mother's day parade in new orleans turns nearly get a prett. a californian landslide swallowing holmes forcing
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anand $0 firstst month's p pe visit t today we just learned that the police have identified the suspect that injured 19 people in the new york new orleans parade. most people identified scott as the shooter. surveillance bit video shows scott as he shoots up the crop. take a look at the video. they say that it's him in the white shirt and blue jays standing off at the left. watch as he approaches and puts at his hands in the pocket and pulled out at dawn and moments later start shooting up the crowd.
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>> people scatter some aground others rot away. the suspect then runs away himself. you can see right here for a closer look of the 19 people shot. three victims are in critical condition tonight but are expected to survive. >> the motors for the shooting is unclear. >> the two brothers of the man who helped three women captive for three years speaks out. >> the brothers say the suspect is now dead to them. >> ariel castro's house is sealed for evidence. >> something had to be on at
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all times in the kitchen his brother stated. so i could not hear nothing else but the radio or the tv. you live pedro and on bill castro say they never expected that their brother kit that three women and children in his house. >> they say their brother actually knew gina one of the victims. >> you give his mama a hug and you got his door captive. >> people in the neighborhood look watched police run into the suspects home last week looking for the captured women. >> pedro and o'neill learned of the story firsthand. post release did not clear the two brothers from the
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until thursday. barrier remains in jail on $8 million bond. his brothers call him a monster. >> i don't care if we ever see him again for what he has done to my life to my family. he is dead to us. >> his brother say that they are grateful that the women are free. >> a large lakeside in lake county has forced residents from their home. county officials are asking the state for help due to the landslide. >> look at the raj and you can see how the garages spiting apart. seven homes in the lakeside heights area live
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in. >> the land slide started in late march and since then it has intensified. the solar system could be compromised if the landslide gets worse. >> a 58 while far is starting a fire. >>a 25-acre wildfire has shut down some freeway lanes north of los a right now -- the blaze is threatening a mobile home park. l-a county fire officials say it started after a car caught fire. firefighters are battling the blaze in nearly 100- degree weather. at this time -- the fire is not contained. fire crews in southern california are also fighting another 85-acre fire in the san bernardino county. the brothers of the man >> let's look ahead to mar at the weather. a few 80
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degrees and areas to march. by thursday we could be looking at a chance of showers in the bay area's. satellite r shows largely clear skies in the bay area. >> the rain is well to the north. offshore you concede cloud cover approaching. >> tomorrow waking up to a mild conditions. a little fog near the coast line. temperatures are running in the system '60s. by noon the temperatures in the '70s. eight days for the downtown portion of the north bay. by the 2:00 hour in livermore valley possible '80s. >> for the evening 60 and '70s for tamara appeared
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>> south bay '70s. 80s for inland valley. 83 in pleasanton. 67 is an east bay shores. sea breeze influence will still be >> extended forecast shows cool weather for the rest of the work week. as we head into the weekend we are expected to see warmer conditions. good news for the bay to breakers forecast. a little bit of fog early in the morning. >> late run as was the clear skies and mild conditions as you make your way to the finish line in golden gate park. will be in the upper 60s for most of the day on sunday may 19th for bay to
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it is pushback time for graffiti vandals in the south bay. a look at the plus-- >> we have a crystal clear skies out there tonight. will have more weather for you in just a bit
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now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. >> of 12 year boyle zero boys arrested for the murder of his sister leah filer. . and nine year-old girl is missing in lake county. mccain lynch is missing from her home in clear what lake. she is autistic and cannot speak. >> the federal government has agreed to review repair plans for the bridge. after 32 cracked boats were
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discovered. the federal highway administration will double check the agency's findings and recommendation. san jose freeway overpasses and train trestles will be getting a new coat of paint this week. beginning tonight, crews will be climbing onto and underneath freeway over- passes. not all of them, just those that have become genuine eyesores in recent years as a result of graffiti vandalism. city crews are teaming up with caltrans and the southern pacific railroad to paint over the graffiti. trestles over highway 10i at 13th street and mckee avenue will be first. followed by a third trestle over interstate 280 at bird avenue. city councilman sam liccardo says residents are fed up with the graffiti vandals. >> there are a very lot of favorite angry members of this community. graffiti has such a damaging effect
8:32 pm
psychologically appeared as we drive home and see this graffiti it kills the community spirit. >>a police unit dedicated to fighting graffiti fell victim to recent budget cuts. it's hoped new fencing, razor wire, locked gates and other measures will keep the vandals from coming back. >> we are less than a week away from bay to breakers. it is one of the largest foot races in their role in world. >> beta breakers start here is at main and howard in downtown san francisco. run as will run west and make a right-hand turn. the road ben cross as oval market st. andrews left to hayes appeared from hayes to the top of page here is an almost square park is the highest point in the race. murine then roars drawdown
8:33 pm
make a right turn a quick right on to fell street appeared then west on to the panhandle of golden gate park. run the spin into the park here. >> as a mile from the finish line the course makes a sharp left concern and right on to marketing drive and then a right onto lincoln way and another right on to the great highway and you will reach the finish line. >> we are now just six days to bay to breakers, brought to you by craigslist. you to watch a race here may 19th on kron 4 news. kron4 has a new suit state for the race. >> right now as we take a last look outside at the san
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mateo bridge. mostly clear skies. >> from the golden gate bridge we see most secure conditions and high clouds in the distant. cooler out there today. in cooler weather today to the rest of the work week. >> cooler close to the coastline. satellite red light shows like cloud coverage. are shaped patterns pushing near the coast line. we will get a little bit of high cloud coverage out there tonight. >> will stay sunny tomorrow. cooler temperatures though. a chance of rain on thursday. >> people behaving badly
8:35 pm
with stanley. >> now there is road rage and then there is an extreme road rage. extreme road rage comes in all kinds of forms. this happened right near the caltran station surrounded by witnessing witnesses who question what happened. >> the information and the video of the dryer was turned over to the police department. >> another form of the extreme road rage was captured by a-cam. >> apparently the driver tried to tread change lanes while the driver with the- cam was driving. >> it got to the point where
8:36 pm
it was well over the line and dangerous. >> watch what happens here >> the sad part is this type of area always happens on the freeway. but barely rarely is it caught on video. if this is something like this happens to you please exit the freeway or call 911 and give a description and a license plate of the driver. it is just not worth it. in the news room still roars kron 4 news. >> look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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now for today's market update. u-s stocks finished mixed on worries about the federal reserve possibly ending stimulus measures. here are the closing numbers. the dow jones industrial average fell 26 points to close at 15,091. the nasdaq rose 2 points. the s-and-p 500 index was little changed at 1,633. it's probably not in the average person's price range. but tesla's model-s electric car is selling much faster than some of your typical luxury brands. the tesla model-s all- electric car starts at 70- thousand dollars. and for buyers shopping in that price range, the model-s was a big hit in the first quarter of 2013. that's according to data from l-m-c automotive. tesla sold about 47-hundred of the model-s cars over the 3-month period. outselling similarly priced luxury cars with gas engines. including the mercedes-s- class, the b-m-w-7-series,
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and the audi a-8. consumer reports called the model-s the best car it's ever tested. it appears facebook has its first official flop. the first facebook phone to feature its new "home" software. hit the market. and it is not selling the way facebook and its investors had hoped. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate explains why. if you'd like to connect with our tech reporter. you can follow gabe slate on facebook, or at-gabeslate onyou can also send him an e-mail, at slate-at-kron-4- dot-com. >> fall hom it's wedding season.and
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. very far reconditions and we woke up today. shares near the coast line mild temperatures tonight 40 1/5 is. tomorrow the cooling trend will continue. >> temperatures will cool a couple of degrees, mainly in the '70s and '80s. >> more calls on the way as we turn our attention off shore. the chance to wayne coming later this week. >> 52 in san francisco in
8:46 pm
the morning. 51 and livermore. for the afternoon tomorrow '70s in the south bay. 75 in cupertino and san jose. milady's for the inland valley. 82 and concord 82 and concord. cooler in the coast line with the morning fog. >> 62 in san francisco. 7 d and 80s in the north bay appeared to align the extended forecast shows cooler weather later this week. >> increased chance of showers on thursday. the good news this weekend we have warm weather for better breakers. if you are
8:47 pm
starting the race early you will run into a little fog appeared >> fog clears after the 9:00 hour on sunday. and from golden great part to golden gate how way some disguise mild temperatures hitting a high of 67 degrees at the finish line for beta breakers on sunday may 19th. >> >> sports report the warriors in san antonio getting ready for game 5 tomorrow. >> only the second post stephepost stephe warriors even the series at
8:48 pm
two games on yesterday. >> we found a way to win. a lot of people upset but we found a way to win. >> we are in a good situation. we have a heck of the best club team and we have a tall task to beat. >> curry injured his ankle. game 3 on friday night. >> it is ice ice baby for
8:49 pm
stephen curry. he talks about his mom of the state. >> stephen curry talks about his mother >> was a big day for my mother she had to see my brother graduate. i want to the game with the family on the east coast. >> people love the warriors.
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>> >> tiger woods wapop as 1.7
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million. on the pga. >> i know a lot of people in this room thought i was done. but i am not stated tiger woods. >>
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thank you for joining us this is kron 4 news tonighgoodni ght this is kron 4 news tonighgoodni ght
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